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Refurbished Value
If you handle reverse logistics internally, chances are good that you have a process to turn around returns and move them back to resellers – or to landfill.
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Inventory Impact
Whether you are a manufacturer or reseller of appliances, inventory flow is supposed to go one way – outbound as sales.
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Wrong Way commerce - inbound returns
Manufacturers are well equipped to receive inbound shipments of parts & raw materials – so why are inbound returns so troublesome?Read more>>

#1 issue with processing returns
When you receive returned goods into your warehouse, chances are they get shunted off to a back corner – out of the way of the real work of sending out shipments.
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What returns data do you actually need?
With consultants and logistics companies jumping on the returns management bandwagon you can quickly see the push being made around returns information  reporting.
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Measures that Matter
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Your link to better returns


ReturnTrax manages returned products for manufacturers and retailers of appliances, house wares and furnishings.

As Canada’s leader in reverse logistics, ReturnTrax helps our clients reduce costs, inventory cycle time & market disruption. Our industry best practices maximize recovery value and increase your available warehouse space.

We’ve identified several key areas where returns value can be maximized. Our best-in-class process at each link in this Returns Value Chain enables ReturnTrax to find and reclaim hidden value.



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Grading & Lotting


What Does Walmart Do With Returns?

2/13/2014  - Consumers returning about $264bn worth of merchandise, or almost 9 percent of total sales, according to industry estimates.

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Supply Chain Case Studies

2/1/2014  - Kimberly Clark, Apple and Nike are among the new case studies released by the Supply Chain Management Association.

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Edmonton hosts SCM Researchers and Practitioners

1/22/2014  - The two-day ISCM symposium in Edmonton June 10-11, brings together academics andpractitioners to share ideas and solutions.

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Developing a Successful Supply Chain Strategy

1/15/2014  - Experts corner from Dan Georgescu the Supplier Technical Assistance Resident in Global Purchasing for Ford Motor Company of Canada.

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RLA Conference and Expo Feb 10-14/14

1/7/2014  - The Reverse Logistics Association has just started the joint exhibition with CES, but the conferences are a month away, also to be held in Las Vegas.

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